Craig has been working as a Physiotherapist for over 15 years after graduating from Northumbria University in 2000. Craig worked at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS trust for 7 years before leaving to focus on Elmwood Physiotherapy. He also worked in Professional Rugby League with Halifax http://www.halifaxrlfc.co.uk and both played and provided physiotherapy for Huddersfield YMCA Rugby Union.

No longer playing rugby, Craig is now an active member of Holmfirth Cycling Club www.holmfirthcc.com. His interest in cycling has allowed him to study the benefits of bike fits and how physiotherapy can help.

Craig enjoyed working with professional golfers such as local European Tour Player Chris Hanson www.chrishansongolf.com, as well as many amateur golfers building strong links with PGA Coach John Eyre www.johneyregolf.co.uk.

More recently he completed a seminar with Brad Neal and James Dunne at Kinetic Revolution www.kinetic-revolution.com to further his understanding of running biomechanics.

Craig also enjoyed working locally at Holme Valley Clinic and Holme Valley Sports Injury Clinic.

He is now excited about providing Physiotherapy in a familiar setting at Elmwood Health Centre for everyone.
Craig has been successfully providing Physiotherapy to patients at Elmwood Health Centre www.elmwoodfamilydoctors.co.uk for over 10 years. Over this time Craig has developed a strong working relationship with the GPs and other health professionals at Elmwood. The focus being on timely intervention, giving patients the means to return to full function as soon as possible.
Elmwood Physiotherapy can now open its doors to all patients even if they are not registered with Elmwood Health Centre. If you are unsure about your condition please get in touch to arrange a free 30 minute assessment.

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